Preserve Offers Opportunities Near Deville Real EstateDewey Wills Wildlife Management area is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Comprised of over 60,000 acres of wilderness this preserve provides a unique opportunity for those living in the Deville real estate area to engage in nature. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries owns and manages the land providing both a natural wildlife habitat and outdoor recreational space for the area. A timber management program is in place to monitor, maintain and protect a variety of species including a variety of oak, bitter pecan, ash and elm ensuring Deville homeowners will be able to enjoy the land for years to come. This flatland is interlaced with many bayous and lakes.

Dewey Wills is also known as a prime hunting location for trophy sized bucks, squirrels, raccoons, turkeys and more. Trapping for furbearers is also allowed. Commercial and sport fishing opportunities abound for Deville real estate residents along with eight concrete boat ramps. This lush wilderness provides picturesque scenery for hikers with an abundance of trails. Birdwatchers can enjoy spotting neo-tropical nesters, shorebirds, wading birds and various raptors. The Dewey Wills wildlife area is dedicated to both the Deville real estate community it serves and the vast wildlife it inhabits. For more information and hunting and fishing restrictions please call (318) 487-5885.